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[DM_STORAGE_E_RENAME_EXT_SEARCH]error: "Unable to rename a file matching

Good afternoon,

I am experiencing the following problem:

When making a migration to centera, the log shows me the following error:

Error loading Migration Execution Module from Docbase: [DM_STORAGE_E_BAD_TICKET]error: "Use of invalid ticket for storage object with name store_02; storage may be improperly configured.
Ticket was 000000008007e23c. Data Ticket was 1."

[DM_STORAGE_E_RENAME_EXT_SEARCH]error: "Unable to rename a file matching (/documentum/data2/Repository/content_storage_02/0001e6ee/80/07/e8/8c*) to (/documentum/data2/Repository/content_storage_02/0001e6ee/80/07/e8/8c.txt). Operating System error: The system cannot find the file specified"

Recently, .txt files have been removed from storage, so it seems normal that this error is displayed, since it cannot find it.

Additionally I have seen that there are some maintenance jobs that can eliminate these inconsistencies, for this I have some questions.

Can these jobs make the system temporarily unavailable?

Thank you very much.



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