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  • Michael_ThomsenMichael_Thomsen See you at https://www.mirandapartners.com or contact me at [email protected]

    Hi OT people,

    I find it strange how badges works, I have used the eDOCS forums from old times for years and can see that according to my profile I joined in may 2019?
    Secondly the monthly leads are for most of them people "only" have been around for 10 years+ and done none other - so people who has contributed are not in the list at all?

    Lastly is there an explanation on all badges - the idea is good since you can see if the person answering is knowledgeable :-)

  • Hi Michael,
    Here's a list of the currently enabled badges and their definitions: https://forums.opentext.com/forums/badges
    These are a work in progress for sure and will be a focus of ours in the future. The points are given for positive reactions to your posts and then again when badges are earned. It's true that the All Time leaders are hard to compete with but you're only a few points from being on the monthly leaderboard.

    Thanks so much for your active participation in the community! Keep it up!

    Forum Admin

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