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How to change the domain used in Desktop client from .com to .eu site?

There is no option to change the site from the desktop application.
The Core Share Desktop client automatically assumes the site (datacenter) you downloaded it from. So when you downloaded it from NA datacenter, it's automatically set to .com.

If you are actively using your account in EU datacenter, you should download the application from the .eu site.
Note: Make sure to uninstall the current Core Desktop client on your computer before installing the appropriate application.

How to download and install Core Share Desktop client:
1. Login in to your account in EU site (core.opentext.eu)
2. Click on your Profile name to show the set of menus.
3. Click on Desktop Client button.
4. Once the popup options for MAC and Windows shows up, click on the one appropriate for your machine
5. Once downloaded, proceed in installing Core Share Desktop client.

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