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Email Notifications are Cutt-Off after a Certain Number of Characters

PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer

@Karen Weir , @Naeem Mohammed

I'm not sure if someone else has also been facing an issue like this, but all the email notifications that I've been receiving since January 21, 2020 are cut-off after a certain number of characters. I used to be able to read the entire content of the post right from my Inbox, but now it kind of forces me to visit each and every forum post one-by-one to read what the other person has posted which is proving to be a lot more inconvenient.

Did something with the email notifications change in the recent past?

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  • @PramodMohandas - I noticed the same thing... We've raised this with the vendor.

    Forum Admin

  • daniel_smythdaniel_smyth Principal Training Consultant EM

    I can't say what I have seen is the same for everyone, but the email notification I receive are both for the original post AND for each comment if I've chosen to follow it.
    So, if I get a notification of a question I have the choice then to get the subsequent follow ups or not - maybe that was the design as I'm quite happy with that!

    ~Daniel Smyth, EnCE, EnCEP
    ~Principal Training Consultant - EnCase

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