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OTIC error - ORA 03114

we've been seeing this error for a few months. which impacts some process execs.

This error is from Event Viewer of Windows where engines are installed:

**OpenText InfoFusion Integration Center DBMS
Error: ORA-03114: Not connecté à ORACLE
GenExec last error: 0.

We use:
OTIC 16.0
Oracle 11g as repository db.
Windows server 12 as OTIC host

What do you think it's the cause of this error?

Thank you


  • It looks like  an attempt to initiate a call when the application is not connected to Oracle. The troubleshooting should start at that level - use of the native client, ODBC and any logging available.

    Per https://www.tekstream.com/resource-center/ora-03114-not-connected-to-oracle/:

    "The ORA-03114 is an error message triggered when a user attempts a call to Oracle when no connection was established. This will typically happen in response to a user-written program not being logged on. In many cases, the server or listener process may not be running or another location shut down the database while trying to access.

    This error message can also happen due to communication trouble caused by a disconnection from the database. This can derive from problems with connection pooling such as shared servers or multi-threaded server. There can also be some problems with missing entries to the tnsnames.ora."

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