How to add a custom field to a layout section in SalesForce via the API

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I am creating a Java API integration tool, that on start-up will create a new custom filed if it doesn't exist for Lead & Contact. After a bit of searching, I have found how to do this. Now the next bit on the list is to get the newly created field into the "Lead Information" or "Contact Information" layout.

I took help from a person who did salesforce training and also looked into metadata API docs and cannot find an example, either using Java or plain SOAP messages. I have searched online, in most of the forums, and sample codebases I can find, with no success.

So if anyone is able to supply an example either through Java or SOAP, that would be fantastic.


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    Hi @Rohit bhat,

    Erm ... not to be rude, but how is this related to any of the products OpenText offers? Wouldn't it be better to post in a Salesforce(-related) forum?

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