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In Encase 8 , How to get selected list of bookmarked items.

We have bookmarked the documents(Files) in Encase V8.08 . How to get the view of Bookmarked items in view pane.

Ex: I have go through with bookmark options, Selected go to file option, But he goes to only 1 bookmark item in all documents list(I have selected all bookmark item).

Can you please give me an brief solution with pictures.

Thanks in advance.


  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin

    Hi there, thank you for posting!
    Please upgrade your account to include "My Support access". Once you have submitted this form, our support team will configure your account and send you a confirmation email directly. This will give you direct access to the EnCase product forums where we have many OpenText experts participating.

    Karen Weir
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