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New Categories Under "Security"

Hi, can we add new categories under the Encase Security sections? I'm currently studying for my EnCe and it would be good to have a section that I can ask questions for clarification if I or anyone studying for EnCe or EnCep tec....


  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin

    Thank you @oplein
    At this time, our Encase Security sections are available to customers of the product. To gain access, kindly submit this form and our support team will configure your account and send you a notification once complete. However, I do understand that students need a place to have conversations without product subscription, I will take that offline and discuss with teams internally.


    Karen Weir
    Forum Moderator

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    Thanks for the reply.

  • daniel_smythdaniel_smyth Principal Training Consultant EM

    Hi @oplein ,
    Additionally, any general EnCase Certification questions, and all EnCE, EnCEP, and CFSR questions while taking the exam/practical must be directed to [email protected]

    ~Daniel Smyth, EnCE, EnCEP
    ~Principal Training Consultant - EnCase

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