CORE Share - Assigning an account delegate


In CORE Share, how do you assign an account delegate?


An account of a Core Share tenant "member" can be delegated with all content and shares intact:

1) SSO enabled users - the account of a departed member (resignation, termination, etc.) will automatically be locked when the Active Directory profile is locked. The Core Share account will be inaccessible, but by doing a user lookup in the Users administration page and selecting the user will provide the option "Assign Delegate" - an email/user name can be assigned to the account and the delegate will see a folder with the user name and a date, similar to "Username 12/01/2019" in their Files List of Core Share.

2) For non SSO users - The account must be locked manually in the Core Share Users admin page. Once done, the locked user can be searched, selected and a delegate assigned.

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