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Best Free version of Linux to build a CS/PostGRESQL environment

I asked this question several years ago. At the time, the answer was to use Centos Linux. I'm curious today which version others are using to have a Development sandbox that is Linux when you don't have the financial resources to buy the supported OS. In the release notes, Oracle Linux and Red Hat linux are the only "supported" versions (not the free ones as near as I can figure), and only Red Hat Linux for PostGre support (version 10.3). For a development sandbox, I don't need "supported" I just need "won't completely crash when I try to install". What Linux flavours are others using when they need a free Linux variant?
Thanks in advance


  • Totally not supported, but I have a Debian virtual machine that I use for Linux development. It's just a personal preference of mine. I think most Linux distributions are going to be adequate for development work, as long as you accept that they won't be officially supported.

  • rappardrappard Martin van Rappard EM mod

    I usually run CentOS since it's closest to RHEL.

    Martin van Rappard
    Technical Support Engineer III

  • I'm guessing that you need to set up both an httpd and a tomcat daemon. I recall the last time I tried this, I discovered that the internal OTDS wasn't there like it is in Windows.

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