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How to turn off notification (getting spammed by OT Core notification)

   Can anyone explain why I am getting continuously spammed by notification emails for the same items that were added to a shared folder over 3 days ago?!?  I went in and first changed notification to a daily digest. That didn't work so I tried changing it to a weekly digest. No dice. I then turned every notification setting I could find off. I still get emails about every 15 minutes notifying me of the same 3 items added to a folder 3 days ago. What gives???


  • I am not getting spammed, but at least two of my coworkers are reporting the same issue. 
  • OK, @opentext it looks like you have a bug.  I can't open a ticket, so I need to publish the details here. I just deleted 20 more messages out of my inbox from OT Core, all reporting the same adding of documents - no email has any new information, it is a repeat of the original notification.  And it would appear that it occurs only for some of your users, not all.  Right now, I have notification completely turned off, and I'm still getting spammed.
  • davidrsheltondavidrshelton David Shelton
    edited April 20
    I posed this question to my internal OT guy and he may have raised a ticket with OT Support.  I was forwarded their response and pasted it here.

    Short answer--it's a bug.

    > > > > > >

    We would like to inform you that there is a known issue with the notification service of Core Share. You might be receiving duplicates of notification from Core Share. The team is aware of this and is working hard to correct the issue.


    As a workaround, please follow the steps below to avoid individual email notification spam:


    • Go to settings in Core Share browser.
    • Change your Notification preferences to Digest and set that to daily or weekly.
    • Turn off all real-time notifications to prevent pop-ups from the Core Share desktop client.


    Apologies for this inconvenience and we thank you for your patience. Rest assured that we’re working very hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


    OT Core Support



  • Thanks David, 
       I had done those steps, and it only stopped spamming me as of yesterday evening. Would like to be able to turn on notification again as I don't come by core very often, just when there's something new to read.
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