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How to read text field and send to java class from jsp in webtop

Hi team,
Im trying to fetch the text field (NAME) from property.jsp(customized on top of product property.jsp under properties_component.xml) . I suppose to send the Name field when im clicking on ok button , here im attaching the code snippet, please correct me or suggest me how to pass the values

                   <dmf:button name='ok' cssclass="buttonLink" nlsid='MSG_OK' onclick='onOk' height='16'
                                imagefolder='images/dialogbutton' tooltipnlsid='MSG_OK_TIP'>
                        <dmf:argument name='testData' value='abcd'/>
                        <dmf:argument name='object_name' datafield='object_name'/> // object_name coming as null in java class 
                        <dmfx:argument name='objectId' contextvalue='objectId'/>
                        <dmfx:argument name='folderPath' contextvalue='folderPath'/>



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