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Unable to view test report using birtviewer 4.8

I'm very new to Birt. Although I'm struggling with the deployment. I downloaded birt-runtime-4.8.0-20180626 , unzipped it, added my application report also .rename the WebViewerExample as birt.war and deployed to my wildfly server directly. I can access the index page, and it says BIRT viewer has been installed, but I cannot access "view Example" page for test .rptdesign. It gives not found error when i clicked on view example hyperlink.

I can't figure out now. Can anybody help on this? how can  i view my report as i can only see report in xml format but i want to see the report in design format.I have attached snippet of my folder structure also and the results of browser screen i am getting right now. can anyone please tell me the steps i need to follow for this process.

Things used for setup
Viewer Version : 4.8.0

Engine Version: 4.8.0

JRE version: 1.8.0_251
wildfly: 14


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