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OpenText Content Server and Import/Export/Manage

Is there any way to import/export/manage metadata using a spreadsheet using OpenText Content Server other than using a 3rd party company?


  • The only way I see (without a third party company module) is to implement your own module. This means that you should have a good knowledge of Oscript and Java (in order to work with the spreadsheet document).

    There is no out of the box feature in CS.

  • You can write code (Java, Python, etc) to turn the spreadsheet into an Object Importer control file that can manage metadata.  Or you can write code (Java, Python, etc) to read the spreadsheet and use REST or WebServices.  Or as you mention you can use oScript to parse the spreadsheet and act accordingly.  Several OT partners (like us) have already created this module (if you do not want to go down that road).
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