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Content server module installation


when I am trying to view the installed module from Content Server Administration page I am getting the error: "(DataTable) - Row value does not match the column data type --- GridBuilder" 

I am not getting which table should I check.

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  • The connect logs should show the error being generated.
  • Thanks. It's resolved.
  • Due to the technical nature of browsers, databases, web servers, and operating systems, Oracle cannot warrant compatibility with all versions and features of third-party products. 
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    For installation of content server  
    Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs and then select Add/Remove My Balance Now

  • On Windows hosts, Content Server must be able to connect to an SMTP mail server. The SMTP server can be an SMTP server located on your network or it can be the SMTP server provided with Windows 2000. During the installation or upgrade procedure, you must provide the name or IP address of the computer hosting the SMTP server. If a valid SMTP server host name is not available during installation, supply an invalid host name and the installation will finish. Do not leave the field blank. After installation, add a valid SMTP server host name to the smtp server attribute of the server config object. Reinitialize the server after you update the server config object. Telldunkin
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