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D2 SAML - Can we still use 'inline' accounts

We plan to enable SAML authentication. But we have many test accounts that are actually Documentum 'inline' accounts. As we don't get prompt, can we force D2 to show login screen so we can login using inline accounts?


  • A simple solution is to deploy second instance of D2 WAR which does not have SSO enabled in d2fs.properties, and use that for "admin" / inline accounts.
  • OOTB D2 will redirect to the standard login form if the saml fails (meaning if you use a wrong password you then can login with an inline user)
  • Not really @AlvaroDeAndresGomez. If it fails, the IdP login persists. But, there is very specific case, if the account we try exists in the tenant (IdP) and doesn't exist in D2, we get the prompt. So we will have to create a dummy account for that. I was hoping to find something better. 
    Trying to automate testing, that is the real challenge.

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