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Can i create new followups/Reminder using Rest Api


  • PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer
    edited October 13
    The process of creating a reminder is supported in the Smart View. I see the below request to call the respective REST API getting generated when a user tries to create a reminder using the Smart View, where 547879 being the Data ID of the object in CS.  
    As per OpenText the AddReminder REST API is not supported publicly at this time. This is one of those REST calls that is not meant to be used outside for internal Content Server operations or are not considered stable enough yet for public availability. Also the unsupported REST API calls are subject to change without any notice.

    You could monitor the network requests using Fiddler and capture these REST requests to try understand how it works and see if it helps with your requirement whilst bearing in mind the above caveat.
  • Hi @PramodMohandas
    Thank you for your help, 
    I tried with the API which you provided here , but i'm getting "Error: socket hang up"
    what are the key you are passing as param ?
  • PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer
    I'm not sure as to how you figured out those parameters, but below is the list of parameters that I analyzed from my instance.

    You need to use a network tool such as Fiddler, or the browser's Developer Tools, in order to understand the exact parameters list. If an incorrect set is sent, Content Server will outright reject it.

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