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How to add multiple Footnotes (text message) in Exstream

Currently we only need to display 1 type of footnote. We may have multiple records for this footnote, but we will only display the disclaimer once at the bottom page. We minimize the disclaimer (footnote frame) small enough to fit only 1 disclaimer. Behind the scene, if the frame is grow/shrink, it will print as many disclaimer as the footnote, but we don't want that.  So now we have another type of footnote with different text disclaimer. So we need to enlarge the frame on the bottom to fit 2 text disclaimer. But what happened is Exstream print disclaimer according to what on the records. If the record passes F1, F1, F1, F2, F2 then Exstream will print disclaimer 1 twice (per the order of the footnote). If the record has F2, F2, F1, F1 etc.. Exstream prints disclaimer 2 twice. The expectation is, if record has F1 or F2 as many as they need on the transactions, we only print disclaimer 1 once and disclaimer 2 once. TIA.
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