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Core capture Client script sample available?

hi, Is there a Sample .js file available or has anybody worked with this Core Capture Web Client Scripting before. Uploading the basic .js and getting output in the console works fine but beyond that I am struggling. 

Thanks in advance Dennis


  • This is the error that I get,

    CP: [2020-11-10 6:22:13.258] [log] [method = Captiva.Scripting.Engine.onClick] [type = exception] [name = TypeError] Object doesn't support property or method 'messageBox'

    This is the basic script.

    'use strict';

    // holds the custom scripting for the order flow or project.
    console.log('Class: factuur - Hello world - 5');
    function commonLookup(ctrlContext) {
        console.log('Hooray I did a lookup');
        messageBox('Hooray for ....!!', 'Bloodhound gang 1')

    function messageBox (title, text){
        console.log('Bloodhound gang 1');
        Captiva.Scripting.messageBox('Hooray for ....!!', 'Bloodhound gang 1', Captiva.Scripting.MessageBoxType.Warning);
         var AppContext = Captiva.Scripting.AppContext;
        AppContext.messageBox('Hooray for ....!!', 'Bloodhound gang 2', Captiva.Scripting.MessageBoxType.Warning);

    Captiva.Scripting.DocType.ScriptingTest = function () {
        console.log('Fire Water burn');
        this.buttonClickTestButton =  commonLookup;

    Console. log works fine... but the messagebox doesn't?!?!?
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