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How do I use the APIs in the API Guide?

Ok, so Im an extremely elementary programmer.  I was wondering if anyone had a shell template code of some sort that shows a few examples of putting an API into a webpage.  I can figure out the HTML formatting... I know a little about CSS and I'm sure I can mess with it to get it the way I want to see it.  But, I'm just not even sure how to start... (Maybe I'm completely wrong about using the APIs with a website...  maybe it should be c++ or c#....)


  • Which API are you talking about?  OT has many.
  • I'm looking at the Rightfax 10.6 FP3 API Reference Guide.  Here's an example of one API I could use...

    DWORD RFAXAPI RFaxStatusGetValues (
    IN unsigned long ulCount,

    But, I doubt just throwing this into a webpage or program and compiling it is going to work at all.  How does it know my server name?  How does it connect to it?  (Maybe I need to run the code directly from the server?)  

    What would be nice is to have a shell program or website that shows me how to use some of the APIs and then I'll play around with it and go from there.
  • It looks to me like the above code is defining a function of some sort.  But then I would need to call the RFAXAPI or RFaxStatusGetValues from something else.  
  • That is an API function for the C programming language.  You call it from a program written in C or C++.

    I am looking at the RightFax 20.2 API Reference Guide.  It has a code segment showing how to use this function.  You can put this within a main() function, compile and run it.  The code makes a call to another function to obtain a handle, with a server name as parameter.  Use the handle to call RFaxStatusGetValues.

    If you want to do this from a webpage, looks like the RightFax Web API is what you need.  I found the installation guide but not the API documentation on the KC.

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    I found this link...

    I downloaded RF_Core_Web_Services_sample_code_v2.0 (1).zip and extracted it. I then opened up TestMOSS.csproj. It opened Visual Studio. I see it's in C#. (I think I'd prefer C# over C++ or C.) I hard coded my server name in the code for const string FaxServer. Also put the rightfax username and password in for the username and password field. I tried to compile it to just see what it does. (I threw in a non-prod Rightfax server just in case I somehow really screwed something up.) When I compile it, I get an error.

    SendFax Exception [System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException]: There was no endpoint listening at http://servername/RFMOSS/SendingService that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

    SendFax resulted in invalid fax handle '-1'.

    Press any key to continue . . .

    I logged into the server and checked IIS. I do not see a directory in IIS called RFMOSS. I take it that I need to somehow install that on the server. Can you guide me how to do that? Is it possible to reference server objects (or whatever you call it) that are not http? Seeing I'm trying to compile this in C# and it isn't html coding, I was thinking there would be a way to somehow get a hook directly into the server via a non web api. Granted, I guess ultimately I'd rather have a webpage to see the stats. It would be easier to allow others to view whatever I create via a webpage rather than an executable that I have to send out. I guess I'm just looking to get something to work to give me a small win... some kind of query of the server to just see it works.

  • I want to use the API .

    But ,now I do not have the account ,if I Installed the AppWorks Gateway,could I use the API

  • I want use OpenText xECM to download picture and file.

    In the url https://developer.opentext.com/apis have many API,

    which API’s module I need?

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