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How can I correct expiration date for a job using composer

When software engineer update DAR file (with some jobs inside) via composer, some expiration_date of the existing jobs on server may change for an incorrect values. So i friquently use DQL query to update expiration_date to decent values. How can i insert expiration_date for the jobs via composer, before DAR installation? (to make sure that date will be correct after i install DAR on server).


  • Hello @AndreyVK ,

    Can you kindly tell us if your product is Core Capture - SaaS offering of Intelligent Capture(formerly known as Captiva Capture)? If not, can you kindly tell us your Core product and I will try to transfer this post to the respective section of this forum.

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    Karthik Ram S

  • I am sorry that open the discussion in incorrect branch of forum.

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