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Content Share options in OTCS with CORE - Where is the Classical View Examples ?

Hi everybody.

The "OpenText_Content Server - Share Server.pdf", chapter 2 explain how to setup the "Content Sharing Widget Configuration" for Smart View... and other docs and demonstrations videos always demonstrate the usage of "Smart View" screen to share a doc or folder since OTCS to CORE...

Which leads me to deduce that in the classical view it doesn´t works.. am i wrong ?

Is possible to share things to CORE using the OTCS Classical View ??



  • PramodMohandasPramodMohandas OpenText Developer

    OpenText's Core Share integration has always been a Smart View driven offering for Content Server right from its early days of inception. As you have rightly figured it out, It is not possible to share objects into Core using the Classic View since it currently lacks the necessary options to perform the same functionality.

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