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Best approach to reindex metedata of 100 Million records in content Server (16.2.10)

Hi Gurus,

We recently identified in our CS environment that many of our content server objects holds old index values (RM values ,system attributes and category attributes values ) in search partitions (indexes) . Which is impacting our planned projects.

When we checked with OT , they said there was problem with pervious version 16.2.2 and issue should not there with out current version CS 16.2.10.

Now we need to reindex old data which is around 100 millions objects.

Please suggest what would be the finest approach for this ?

Abhimanu Walia


  • Break the 100 millions into batches, mark them for re-index. There are many scenarios depending on hardware, time and other constraints. Not possible to discuss them all here.

  • Thanks Ray for your response. can you please suggest the best way to break them in batches ?

    What menthd you are suggesting , do you mean adding collections , or reinserting in dtreenotify table or something else ?

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