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CS 16.2.11 Shared folder to Core. Items in the shared folder cannot be moved.

I have a folder structure shared to CORE. It's working fine until the user, creates an archive folder and attempts to move one of the items that is shared to this archive folder. The archive folder is within the Core shared folder structure. She is the owner/author of the document. Even I as an admin cannot do it and get the error "Not Completed - Shared items cannot be moved" I can move it to the Archive folder if I do it from CORE, but the file is not moved on the CS instance.


  • I've noticed this too. Appears to be as designed, but it's quite problematic for some of our potential use cases.

  • Raja_HawaRaja_Hawa Sr. Product Manager EM mod


    Move is tricky and not all uses cases are supported yet.

    On Core Share move content to a folder originally shared from Content Server - available in CS 20.2

    On Content Server move content from a shared folder to a non-shared folder - available in CS 21.1

    On Content Server, move content from a shared folder to another shared folder in a different hierarchy - not supported

    On Content Server, move content within the hierarchy of shared folder- not supported



  • Raja,

    Are there Core Share API's I can utilize ? If so can you point me towards the documentation.... I see Core Capture APIs and Signature Services but I'm looking for the API to share content to Core. We're on Version CS 16.2.11

  • Raja_HawaRaja_Hawa Sr. Product Manager EM mod


    We don't publish the internal Content Server API that controls the sharing logic.



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