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Strange share behavior in Core Share

Hi everybody..

During a test with our client we saw an strange behavior when we are sharing folders inside CORE.

Lets imagine this folder structure:

  • MAIN
    • /FOLDER_1
      • /FOLDER_1.1
  • /FOLDER_2
    • /FOLDER_2.1
  • /FOLDER_3
    • /FOLDER_3.1

If i share FOLDER_2.1 to another person (PERSON_X), he receives a notification and the FOLDER_2.1 is in his CORE account. Obviously if i share the FOLDER_2, there are both folders in his account.

But if i share FOLDER_1.. in his account appears the folder MAIN, sharing all folder structure when in fact I wouldn't want him to see the FOLDER_3..

Anybody could explain me that ??

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