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Change Doc Transport to Reserved or Both via command line or programatically?

So, I'm trying to figure out how to gracefully reboot a rightfax server during business hours without causing any disruption. I've figured out a set of services that if I disable them and then stop them and also set doc transport to reserved (which doesn't require restarting the service), rightfax will complete the faxes currently sending/receiving, but will stop answering calls and sending new faxes.

Right now, I'm doing this every Sunday when volume is low so, hopefully, during the week when the channels are backed up, the server is working optimally and we don't have any unplanned outages during a work week. I'm a big fan of rebooting Windows servers periodically.

I can stop and disable and restart and set to automatic all the services via powershell. But, I'm trying to figure out, how can I set doc transport to reserved programatically. I'd like to set it as a scheduled task that would stop the services, set doc transport to reserved and then wait 2 hours and then reboot the server, re-start all the services and change doc transport back to both. We have two servers, so I would reboot one server then the other. It would be nice if I could program this. Any ideas about setting doc transport to reserved or both via CLI or maybe via a program via VB?

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