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In Intelligent Capture 16.6, is it possible to change the keyboard shortcuts for field navigation

Dear Team,

We are using Captiva Capture 16.6. We have a need where we need to move between fields using Page Up and Page Down keys. While we understand that as per "Access Keys and Standard Keyboard Shortcuts" from "Module Reference" in the help guide says Tab and Shift+Tab are used to move control defined, is there a way where we can customize the Keyboard shortcut to have Page Up used to move to a field above and Page Down key to move the field to a page below only for the Completion Thick Client by adding any attribute to the Shortcuts config file?

Is a Support ticket to consult with Engineering on the possibility? If there are any KBs for this, can you kindly attach them as a PDF or any file type to download and read for the time being until I obtain complete access?

P.S: Please feel free to move this thread to the Appropriate Intelligent Capture queue.

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