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Getting Started with Core Capture for SAP

Hello everyone and thanks for your interest in Core Capture for SAP. OpenText Core Capture for SAP Solutions fully automates the digitization of incoming SAP related documents.

To help you get started, this post will summarize the useful assets for getting started with Core Capture for SAP.


  • Thanks Gordon,

    (new to Core Capture) can you point me towards introductory material for Core Capture for SAP?

    Need to understand how to 'connect the dots' and how documents flow between Capture and Archive components.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Marc,

    did you check already the product documentation? Here is the link to the according guides for Core Capture for SAP: Core Capture for SAP Solutions 21.2 (opentext.com).

    Dependent on the VIM version you are using, you might want to check also for the VIM Foundation Configuration Guide on MySupport.opentext.com. Just click in the menu above resources --> documentation --> Vendor Invoice Management and select the version you are using.

    Kind regards,


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