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What's Your Reaction?

As you peruse posts in the community, you may want to respond to something a community member wrote. That's excellent! We hope you'll react and participate often to content in the community. Sometimes, a quick "reaction" might be all that's needed. For example, you might agree with the post, disagree with it, or simply like it. Reactions are a 1-click response to discussions and comments. Use Reactions to indicate a response without typing a comment.

Using Reactions provide a number of benefits including:

  • Positive reinforcement for contributions
  • Increased participation and interaction
  • Member-powered curation of content
  • Enables skimming by high-reaction comments
  • Optional integration with Badges for gamification

Reactions are a dynamic way to let the community know how discussions are affecting you.

As the table show, you can either Like or Agree with a post and give the poster a point. Or dislike it, which will let your online voice be heard without demoting or burying the post.

How will you react in the OpenText Community?

David Sciuto


  • jpg90jpg90 Long Time DCTM Guy

    This is useful, but based on the descriptions of the Agree and Like reactions, I'm a bit confused about the difference between them. What is the meaning of "Enough likes will promote a post" ?

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