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custom font

I have build a report with a special font. The report is generated from a web-application. Because i cant force any customer to install the special font on his system, i need to integrate the font in the pdf. So any customer can see the report with the custom font.

I already searched but could not find a solution for this problem.
Is there any way to do that? :)


  • edited December 31, 1969
    well i just made a simple test and found out the following:
    The font seems to be included in the pdf. So everything is fine. ^_^
    No need to install a font on a customers laptop.
  • How do you do? Please explain.

  • Jordan MeansJordan Means Customer Support EM

    Hello Thun,

    More info about Font Embedding can be found in this KBA or in the documentation.

  • I can not access in KBA. Do you have any way?

  • Jordan MeansJordan Means Customer Support EM

    Hi Thun,

    Try searching for KB5989057.

  • @Thun Were you able to get your font embedded in your PDF?

    Chad Montgomery
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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