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Example of connecting to ElasticSearch using BIRT with a Scripted Data Set

Clement WongClement Wong EM mod
edited May 11, 2016 in DevShare Downloads
Here is a very simple example of BIRT connecting to ElasticSearch using a Scriped Data Set. This could also illustrate connecting to a REST based data source with a JSON result set.

The three events were added:

Data Source > Open

Make a query request to ElasticSearch

Save the results in a JSON variable

Data Set > Open

Reset the row counter to zero

Data Set > Fetch

Create a row of data from ElasticSearch for each “hit”

Set the output column field values from the JSON result set

Stop when total hits are reached

Place the helper JavaScript, “json.js”, into the root of the project folder.

Note: If you are using BIRT 4.5.0, it has built-in JSON support so you don't need the helper JavaScript file, "json.js", in the root of your project folder. The difference between the two designs in the ZIP is that the one for pre-BIRT 4.5.0, there is an external Resources reference to "json.js", and the one for 4.5.0 does not have it. If you don't have it in pre-BIRT 4.5.0, when attempting to run the report, you will see an error like ... ReferenceError: "JSON" is not defined.

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