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Tool for editing Batch letters

Is there an option to edit batch letters? I m looking for an option to make the entire content of letter to make it editable.
Not looking for an option similar to empower/LIVE.


  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin

    Hi @shagi ,

    Can you please confirm that your scenario is for Life Sciences Express? I was not able to locate related information in My Support, so wanted to double-check.


  • Hi Karen,
    Unsure whether I choose the right category. The scenario is,business people should be able to edit the letter content. Ether it could be a plain text/ content from the table. After which it will straight go for printing via the batch mode. It means one letter change will reflected for million of customer. so the mode of operation is batch not online or on demand.

  • Karen WeirKaren Weir Moderator EM admin

    Thanks @shagi ,

    If you are using the Life Sciences Express product for this scenario, I will find a resource to review for you. We'll be back to you shortly


  • Life Sciences Express currently does not provide the ability to edit content. Life Sciences Express is purpose built as a modern user interface to OpenText Life Sciences repositories. Do you currently have a Life Sciences Express subscription?

    Howard Savin
    Sr Product Manager

  • Batch image editing is a good example in this regard. Similarly, there are tools that can help you batch rename your file names too.
    docx”, where N is a number and V can be any name.
    1. File Renamer Basic. ...
    2. Advanced Renamer. ...
    3. ReNamer Lite. ...
    4. Bulk Rename Utility. ...
    5. File Renamer Turbo.
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