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Deletion of Documentum Groups...

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Due to an change in our organization, we are looking at re-organizing our Documentum groups.  In DA - User Management - Groups, if I pick a group and "View Current Group Memberships" and see that the group is not part of documents, ACLs, workflow or groups, can it be safely deleted?

These groups in question are no longer required and there is not other group that they should be 'Reassigned' to....

Is there any way else to remove groups from the application?

Thank you.


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    View Current Group Memberships - checks to see if this group part of any other group (parent group).  This does NOT have to do with whether group is referenced by ACL or workflow.

    You can query against ACL definition to see if the group is referenced:

    select * from dm_acl where any r_accessor_name='group_name'

    As for workflow, you can query against activity performer to check for the same thing:

    select * from dm_activity where any performer_name='group_name'

    If you have a specific group you want to reassign to, there is reassign method in Documentum Administrator that can do this for you.

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    Once the ACLs, workflows have been checked and the group is not found, is it safe to delete the group without repercussions?

    Some groups have been reassigned using DA, yet other are no longer required and these are the ones I'm concerned about....


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    It should be fine -- I have done that in the context of CP though --, but make sure you run consistency checker. It will detect references to a deleted group, in acl and I believe others, such as workflow.

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