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Create Workspace through CWS

Hello, I'm trying to create Workspaces through CWS with the DocumentManagement Client and the method CreateNode. I'm always getting the same error, no matter what I do: 'Select a valid template to create a business workspace. The template requires an associated workspace type'. How I am supposed to inform the template to the node?

The most promising thing that failed was retrieve a NodeTemplate (using the objId of the template) and fill the data of the node, but still failing.

Does any of you succeded while I failed?

Thanks in advanced.


  • Workspaces aren't very well supported via REST. Some versions seem to work and others don't. I did create some via some undocumented REST routes for a client last year. So obligatory warning - it's undocumented, you can't rely on it. It can change without notice.

    So to check if it has changed use Fiddler or Chrome to check the transactions in the smart UI first.

    I was using /api/v2/businessworkspaces/ and I posted a FormData object with:

    • template_id
    • name
    • type (hard coded to 848)
    • parent_id
    • mime_type (hard coded to "Business Workspace")

    There's a few other options available but as I didn't need them I haven't recorded what they were.

  • Mark, thanks a lot for your answer! The thing is that we are not using REST. We add an wsdl service: this one in concrete 'cws/services/DocumentManagement?wsdl'. I use the method CreateNode, but I don't know how to inform the template type.
    Do you have experience with this kind of service?

    Thanks in advanced

  • I looked around CWS but couldn't find any support for my scenario, so I ended up using REST. Shouldn't be too hard to use the REST API from either Java or C#. I've certainly used it from both C# and PowerShell.

  • The DocumentManagement WebServices can not create Business Workspaces.
    You need to use the ECMLink WebServices that ship with Extended ECM.
    You need to deploy the otsapxecm.war into a Tomcat then the WSDL would be at https://yourserver:yourport/otsapxecm/services/ECMLink?wsdl

  • VOIE_chammerl what fields need to colocate in the soap for make a test?

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