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API Creating Business Workspaces with required metadata

I'm trying to create a business workspace with required metada but I don't know how to send these required metadata values. Searching the knowledge base I found that we can use /api/v2/businessworkspaces/ for that.

I added all the keys that I need but in the template that I'm using I have 5 required fields. When I send the POST I got an error saying that "Reference Number" is required. Is there any way to send the metadata values or do you know if there is another API call that I can use for that?



  • Below you can find more details, from POSTMAN and also the Network results from Smart UI steps (Smart UI is working as expected, the issue that I have is related to REST API call since I don't know how to send the required fields in postman).
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    Request Payload:
    {"template_id":241012,"name":"\n Workspace name is generated automatically.\n","type":848,"parent_id":224407,"description":"","external_source":"","external_identity":"","external_identity_type":"","mime_type":"Business Workspace","size":"","roles":{"categories":{"241004":{"241004_56":"MyDeal Id #","241004_11":"12345","241004_41":"","241004_42":"","241004_43":"","241004_15":"FriendlyName","241004_20":"","241004_17":"","241004_18":"","241004_19":"","241004_21":"","241004_44":"","241004_60":"","241004_77":"Support - Warranty","241004_45":"","241004_24":"","241004_16":"","241004_46":"","241004_25":"","241004_26":"","241004_27":"","241004_47":"","241004_48":"","241004_59":222965,"241004_62":"","241004_63":"","241004_64":"","241004_65":"","241004_66":"","241004_67":"","241004_68":"","241004_69":"","241004_70":"","241004_71":"","241004_72":"","241004_73":"","241004_74":"","241004_75":"","241004_76":"","241004_38":"","241004_39":"","241004_40":"","241004_1":{"version_number":15}}},"classifications":{"create_id":[224410],"id":[]}}}

  • Hi Folks,

    i am struggling to create the business workspace using Rest API's as well as from the post man. Kindly provide me the more details how to create and search the particular business workspace.

  • Hi ,

    Try create your request as shown below, You have to include the category information inside the "roles" attributes.

    "template_id": 23234,
    "name": "Test",
    "parent_id": 23235,
    "description": "",
    "roles": {
    "categories": {
    "23228": {
    "23228_2": "5654",
    "23228_3": ""

  • Hi Karthik, Thanks for your post...however i resolved the issue a week ago..
    Thanks once again for your suggestion...

  • Hi Karthik,

    Do you know how to establish the workspacereferences for Workspaces using Rest API's.

    I am trying to establish the reference using the below Rest Api, but getting the below error.

    form data:

    "error": "Should use either /extSystemId & boType/ or /boTypeId/ as input arguments"

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