Content Server Rest API-Authenticate User


Currently i am using CS 16.2.4/16.2.6 for Decisiv search integration

The Authenticate user Rest API call with POST is accepting the following form

username=value&password=value (200 OK ,Returned OTCS ticket)

But if i use the below form
username=value;password=value (500 internal server error, "error": "Argument \"password\" is required." )

Because it is not accepting the semicolon(;) i am unable to perform search through Decisiv

What changes should i do in the Content server configuration to work the REST API call with semicolon(;)

Nagesh Gottipati
Lead Software Engineer


  • I haven't ever seen name-value pairs separated by a semicolon before. Using ampersand to separate the name-value pairs is standard practice, and may be the only valid way to do it. According to, "Each key-value pair is separated by an '&' character, and each key is separated from its value by an '=' character." Based on that I would expect the API to return an error, since the name-value pairs are malformed. Is there a reason you are unable to use the & to separate your name-value pairs?

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