REST API Only Returns - 400 Bad Request - on Errors

I am rewriting some scanner firmware to utilize the REST API. Everything works as expected, but if I "Throw an Error" the API only responds with a generic "400 Bad Request" rather than the specific errors related to the service end point. An example would be the "POST" using the Nodes endpoint (Creating a Folder). If it already exists I would expect to see "400 An item with the name '{name}' already exists." but all I get is 400 Bad Request. Any ideas?



  • Unfortuntely i dont have a response as to why but i noticed this happened very recently aswell. A few weeks ago i am certain i was getting responses for naming duplicates but now i do not and just get Bad Request. I don't even know how this has occured since i dont recall any API update.

  • If you are using IIS, then the configuration may have changed to not report detailed errors to the client.

  • Forgot about this one as it's been awhile. The "400 Bad Request" was a generic from IIS, but upon further investigation, the
    "error": "An item with the name '{name}' already exists."

    is returned in the body as expected.

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