GUID value to Update metadata - Exstream 16.4.2

Praveen Kumar
edited February 24 in Exstream #1

Earlier we were exploring REST API of 16.4.1. On of our requirements is to update some metadata. For that we need GUID value of the metadata when making a call to the below API method.

Using this method https://localhost:2719/v1/metamodels/types we were able to retrieve the GUID of a metadata in Exstream 16.4.1 REST API. But now when we want go for 16.4.2 instead of 16.4.1, we don't see this API method (/v1/metamodels/types) in Exstream 16.4.2 REST API.
Could you please let me know if we can get the GUID of a metadata using some other API method in 16.4.2?



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