How do I set the catalog status of an item ?

I'm using Livelink 813 (About to go to 815).I can't find a LAPI call that will let me change the catalog status of an item (ie make it appear in the top-half of the screen, and on the parent level's child listings). Can anyone help ?


  • We have the same problem using LL813.Please let me know if you find anything. I'll do the same.Thanks
  • UPDATE DTREE SET CATALOG = 1 WHERE DATAID = (Setting CATALOG=2 hides the node, setting it to 0 - default - makes it a list item)Dave
  • Hello, maybe it's an old post and i couldn't obtain feedback, but trying the next on a Live Report returns the error Content Server Error: Error processing request. [Error executing query. Refer to the Content Server logs for more detail.]:

    UPDATE DTREE SET CATALOG = 2 where DATAID = 643653

    And trying with a webreport, I don't know how to make it work: i'm trying [LL_REPTAG_643653 Catalog=2 /]