Retrieving ItemLevelQuery using EasyLink API using C#

Hello Everyone,

Currently I am working on retrieving Item level query using EasyLink API.

This is the WSDL I am using:-

This is the code I am trying:-

                RequestAuthentication auth = new RequestAuthentication();
                XDDSAuthType xddsAuth = new XDDSAuthType();
                UIDType uidType = new UIDType();
                uidType.Value = "****";
                uidType.aliasType = "m2f";
                xddsAuth.RequesterID = uidType;
                xddsAuth.Password = "****";

                //Create the Request Header
                Request requestAuth = new Request();

                auth.Item = xddsAuth;
                requestAuth.Authentication = auth;

                ItemLevelQueryService client = new ItemLevelQueryService();
                client.RequestValue = requestAuth;
                ItemLevelQueryRequest requestItemLevelQueryResult = new ItemLevelQueryRequest();
                requestItemLevelQueryResult.NumToRetrieve = 50;

                ItemLevelQueryResult responseItemLevelQueryRequest = new ItemLevelQueryResult();
                responseItemLevelQueryRequest = client.ItemLevelQuery(requestItemLevelQueryResult);

     //This is the URL I am using in WSDL which I generated.
     this.Url = "";

Here is the error I am receiving:-

System.InvalidOperationException: Client found response content type of 'text/html', but expected 'text/xml'.

I really appreciate all your help to resolve this issue. 
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