Error executing POST in Content Server. What am I missing between acceptance and production?

My code works in acceptance environment, but not in production environment.

Using jquery, I want to do a POST to run a WebReport while keeping the user on the same page. 

var postURL1='link to webreport with parameters and nexturl';

In my acceptance environment, it works, but in production, i get a return status of 302 and then a GET call happens to the homepage. The WebReport doesn't execute in production.

I can get it to work if I put the data in a form, serialize it, and send it in the post. But that doesn't explain why it would work in acceptance and not in production.

Is there a setting that would make content server stricter with POSTs?


  • Supplying the nextURL should cause the 302 redirect once the initial URL is executed. Have you checked your web report admin settings to see they are the same?
    There is nothing that makes CS stricter with POSTs in a generic sense that I'm aware of.
    Do you have anything set in the [security] section of your opentext.ini that may explain the different behaviour?

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