Issue in sending fax with custom Cover Sheet.

We are facing issue in sending fax with custom Cover Sheet.

we have created the cover sheet in  and able to fetch using MMCoverSheetRetrieve API but while sending Fax, we are getting coversheet not found Error.
For your reference I have listed below the request and Response for the same.

Fax JobSubmitRequest  :
<JobSubmitRequest xmlns="">








                                                                        <CoversheetFrom>(348) 990-3249</CoversheetFrom>

                                                                        CoversheetAttn>Subject: Test Comments : Test</CoversheetAttn>










                        <Destinations><Fax><Phone>(444) 234-2342</Phone><From>(348) 990-3249</From><To>2002, Test </To></Fax></Destinations>










                                                <DocData format="base64">VGVzdA==</DocData>






<Filename>Study Order Entry-Test, Shruthi 07-05-2004 Split Night BiPAP 07-28-2020 02.08.15 am.pdf</Filename>

<DocData format="base64">just removed base64 formated file</DocData>







Fax JobSubmitResponse :


[0] => XOA-2010 [faxREACH: coversheet not found] : : customer no: 592200: cover type: old styleCOVERSHEETG6116112HEALnot found


  • Hi 

    Please configure your profile  for cover_type to mm in webadmin. Since cover_type is not configured in webadmin for your profile it is going and looking for old style coversheet and it is throwing the above error

    Prabhakaran R
    Lead Software Engineer

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