Azure as IAAS compatibility

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Can anyone please confirm if the below application and versions are compatible with Azure cloud as IAAS. I have checked the Release notes of the products but it's not mentioned over there. It will be very helpful.

1. Blazon 16.5
2. Rendition Server 10.5
3. imaging web viewer 20.3

Thanks in advance,
Abir Saha


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator EM admin
    @Patel_Minesh, would you be able to confirm compatibility for @Abir Saha?   Both of us looked at the documentation listing, including Release Notes, and have not located mention of Azure.  Thanks!

    Karen Weir | Forum Moderator | OpenText

  • Blazon Enterprise is not specifically certified for Azure. Also, Rendition Server 10.5.1 implements Blazon Enterprise for transformations.

    Core Transformation Service is the product line that would support a container and Docker based deployment model, under a hyperscaler deployment model.

    I cannot speak to the Imaging Viewer product, as I don't manage this product. I suggest reviewing Intelligent Viewing for supporting Azure upon its road map, for a container and Docker based deployment model for viewing integrations.

    Minesh Patel

    Senior Product Manager

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