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Thank you for your insight on the search experience in the following post:

Connected Workspaces functionality is documented at

Looks like I didn't find it previously for a few reasons - at the most basic, the search box on the APIs page ( ) does not index the contents of the various APIs, it only filters the product names in the catalog. Similarly the documentation search facility at doesn't surface any API specifications. However, the search box at the very top of the site ( ) does index the full content of the APIs specification documents. Additionally, and this speaks to my inexperience, the Connected Workspaces API is presented as a different product from Content Server within the API catalog (presumably due to feature licensing issues?) so I didn't spend enough time rooting around manually either.

I will take this back to the team to review. It looks like we need to simplify our 'lookups' in the API and Docs areas - clarifying the functionality (not a search). The site search, located in the site header, does return results for your inquiry, as you already discovered.

Karen Weir | Forum Moderator | OpenText


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator EM admin

    @Kris Boutilier ,

    As you noted in the original post, the Search box on the API landing page and the Documentation landing page did not initiate a search of the content within. The function is actually a 'lookup' for the product content itself.

    Given this feedback, we updated the instruction text to clearly indicate the expected function:

    If you have ideas to further improve your experience on, please post them in our new Community area called "Site Experience Ideas".

    Karen Weir | Forum Moderator | OpenText

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