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Take full advantage of the information and data that sits at the heart of every business.

Whether your goal is to connect OpenText solutions to other cloud applications or to develop the next great application to manage specific business challenges, we want to be part of your journey.

Get an OpenText Connect account then register for a trial to try OpenText OT2 Developer, free for 90 days. You'll get first-hand experience developing applications that leverage the power of OpenText Service APIs.

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About OT2

OT2 is a cloud native SaaS (Software as a Service) platform where OpenText™ developers, partners and customers can develop multi-tenant and hybrid IM (Information Management) applications. OT2 provides a growing catalog of OT2 services that are RESTful APIs used to manage, create, follow, monitor, and control digital information.

OpenText leverages these services on OT2 today to develop and sell applications to enterprise customers, including Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® and Core for Building Information Modeling.

Any developer can now create applications using these same services with the tools and resources made available through the OT2 developer console accessed directly from the OpenText | Developer site.

Developing with OT2 services

You can build your client application by integrating with OT2 Core services APIs using your favored IDE. As an OT2 developer, you use the OT2 Console to create an application that allows the client application to use OT2 services. For each client application, a unique OT2 service token is generated that serves as the application's API key. This token is used to authenticate the client application against the OT2 service and enables OT2 calls.

Featured Resource:

OT2 application development

The OT2 Console is where developers go to create, view, and manage the applications they have registered against the OT2 Platform in order to consume OT2 Core service APIs. The Console is also the place where OT2 developers can find the tools and information they need to help configure, manage, and monitor the OT2 services they have chosen to use with each individual application. 

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