What's New - Content Storage Service 21.1

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Content Storage Service

The Content Storage Service (CSS) is responsible for all functionality regarding object data and physical content. With this service, your content is safe and secure with active (streaming) virus scanning and data encryption.

The Content Storage service leverages both data encryption keys and key encryption keys to keep your data secure. Simple API interfaces and client functionality allows for quick integration and usage. Used in conjunction with the Content Metadata Service (CMS), it provides the foundation for a security-focused and robust content management solution.

What's New in 21.1

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  • Hi Karen, how could I get a testing license for Content Storage Services? My team would like to test its compression feature.


  • Hi @CERSOFTWARE, you could subscribe to the 90 day free trial for our OpenText Cloud Platform Services (aka IM Services). Just navigate to https://developer.opentext.com/plans#imservices. This trial plan includes access to CSS (Content Storage Service).

  • Hello @CERSOFTWARE ,

    From your screenshot, you are installing Documentum Server. Content Storage Services is, in this case, a Documentum feature that requires a license key. It is licensed through the Platform Extensions license (per user).

    Content Storage Services for Documentum is a hierarchical storage policy engine enabling event-triggered, ad- hoc, and batch execution of storage allocation and migration policies. Storage administrators can define, manage, and update content storage policies to store ‘live’ or frequently updated content on one set of devices, and archived content on the other. CSS also provides for compression, de-duplication, and checksums on supported storage platforms.

    If you already purchased Platform Extensions for your Documentum installation, you should find the license key in your account under the Support Portal. If you did not, you should get in touch with the Account Executive or Partner Manager to set up a trial license for it.

    The current CSS page refers to another Content Storage Service, this time in the context of the OpenText Cloud Platform (SaaS platform offering MicroServices - CSS being one of them).