Documentum Upgrade to 20.4 from 16.4

Hi All,

During upgrade, we have exported all the tables(full schema) from 16.4 and Imported in 20.4 version.

Got many errors after doing that and fixed them one by one by manually updating the tables.

The references of 16.4 tables(dm_acs_config. dm_jms_config) are still in 20.4 DB. I have updated them manually to fix few Issues.

Is there a way to update all the DCTM tables to 20.4 values without manual effort?

In case If we have any script for it, will it update the dm_docbase_config table as well? because it has the crypto keys in it and will it get overridden?

Do you guys know what are all the tables we need to update(if it needs be done manually)?



  • @SrihariSiddavarapu , have you worked with our Support team to review the upgrade steps concerning the tables?

  • AlvaroDeAndresGomez
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    why did you exported all tables? the way to do the upgrade is:

    if you're cloning, install 16.4 on target, export, install 20.4, then run upgrade

    if it is on place, install 20.4, run upgrade

    if you install a brand new 20.4 and do and export nothing will work, as that is not the way you do an upgrade

  • The only reason I can think of is that maybe the OP is moving to different database vendor (eg DB2->Oracle).

  • Hi Team,

    We are planning to upgrade our content server from 16.7.5 to 22.x, can you please share steps to upgrade Documentum 16.x to 22.x. this will really help me.