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I have a form where the user can browse his documents, is there a way to edit a document from the browser? From the perspective that the user will have the eDocs plugin installed in his machine can I launch the plugin using a protocol with the document`s data?

I known OpenCenter has a way of doing it, maybe I can do the same?




  • @Al Slapsys can you help me, please?

  • I'm not sure what you mean by launching the "eDOCS plugin"

    Are you trying to launch an application (ie MS Word) with a file obtained from eDOCS?

  • Hi @Al Slapsys , thanks for replying :)


    For example in iManage I can launch the following url to open a MS Word to edit a document:


    It works with the iManage plugin installed in the user`s machine, is there something similar or another way to do the same?


  • Unfortunately there is currently only one special case for allowing URL access to an eDOCS document. It is used to mail the document from an external application (ie Outlook) and adds a "Mail Copy" history record to the document.

  • Laubstein
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    Create a .drf file with the following content:


    R = Last Version

    Make the user download the file, when opened the plugin will make its magic.