Developer Tools Extension Pack for VS Code

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The OpenText IMaaS Tools Extension Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio Code is now available!

The extension pack is a collection of extensions that support creating and deploying various IMaaS (Information Management as a Service) configuration models directly from within Microsoft Visual Studio Code. 

Several of the benefits of using the IMaaS tools for VS Code include:

  • Easily create new apps on top of IMaaS APIs or extend out-of-the-box applications
  • GUI components incorporating no-code & low-code modelers
  • Fully supported and routinely updated by OpenText
  • Comprehensive tutorial for getting started
  • Easily report issues to get help from the OpenText Developer Community

To get you started, OpenText has also provided a comprehensive tutorial for developers who wish to learn how to efficiently build applications that utilize the OpenText Information Management (IM) APIs. 

The tutorial walks you through how to build a React-based Contract Approval application. This application consumes the IM APIs from the OpenText API Cloud and provides an end-to-end business scenario for reviewing, approving, and storing contract documents. It covers the topics of connecting to a developer organization in the API Cloud, creating an IMaaS application project with its different models, and deploying this application to the different IMaaS APIs through the integrated ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) deployment functionality.

The APIs and underlying services included in the application include:

The tutorial can be accessed following the steps above only this time selecting Tutorial from the list of options in the HELP AND FEEDBACK section.

While following the User Guide or Tutorial, if you find any room for improvement or need to report an issue, please select the options available in the HELP AND FEEDBACK section in the primary side bar.