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Within a wiki page is there a way to link text to a heading within the same document? The link function appears to work only when linking to URLs that are external to the page.

Using the page heading URL (including href tag) or just using the heading href tag doesn't work.

Thank you.


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator E admin

    Thanks for posting @BruceP

    If your company has a support contract, this type of usability question would be best posted to Support Community - there are many experts and customer service agents collaborating on topics like this.

    However, if you can confirm which OpenText product you are using, I will try to find answer for you. I am assuming it is Content Server, but would like to verify first.

  • Thank you for the swift reply, @Karen Weir. We do have a support contract, and I have now also asked for this question to be posted to Support Community.

    I am using Content Server, and any help you can offer in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!

  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator E admin
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    Hi @BruceP

    In the wiki, you must add an Anchor in the location you would like to link to - using the icon that looks like a flag. Place your cursor next to the header, click on the flag icon, then name your anchor.

    Then, you can add a link to the anchor.

    In this screen shot, I added an anchor called 'testanchor' (shown in yellow). Then selected text, clicked the link icon (green) and set the link type to 'anchor in the text'.

    I hope this helps

  • Thank you so much, Karen. That was indeed helpful.

    It does seem, however, that you can only anchor strings in Heading 1 style. I tried with Heading 2 and the anchor doesn't persist.